Founded in Jackson. Proven By Champions.

Meet the team and elite trainers who helped design and test our products.

About Momentous

Momentous was founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2016. We engineer perfect performance products.

Our pursuit of perfection drove us to seek out the absolute best knowledge on nutritional supplements in order to be able to deliver products without fillers, inferior ingredients, or just plain bad stuff. Our products are all NSF certified, taste amazing and perform. We are preferred in many NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA locker rooms. As for our employees, we are always on the go - literally. Aside from several marathoners and tri-athletes, we also have an Olympic rowing champion, a skate legend, an NFL coach and experienced founders. Whatever we do, we strive to always live momentous.

Our Team

Matt Wan


Rob Dyrdek

Co-Founder/Board Member

Kelly Forese

COO/Board Member

Dianne Chervenka

VP Finance

Matt Chorney

Director of Operations

Chris DiSanto

Director of Team Sales

Joshua Desabris

Director of Digital Customer Acquisition

Sara Hendershot

Director of Marketing

Eric Kluft

Manager, Team Sales

Chris Hickey

Board Member

Jeff Flug


Dave Scholz

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Texas Tech Football

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Jordan Mazur MS/RD

Coordinator of Nutrition, San Francisco 49ers

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Mike Potenza

Director of Strength and Conditioning for the San Jose Sharks

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Mark Uyeyama

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Minnesota Vikings

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Brandon McDaniel

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers

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Tim Caron

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Allegiate

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Sam Kavarsky

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, UCLA

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