Plant vs Whey Proteins: A Guide to Finding the Right Protein for You

If you’re a performance-driven athlete, you already know that you must prioritize recovery in your training plan and methodology. At the top of your recovery list — replenishing your body with high-quality, easily digestable post-workout protein. This helps reverse protein breakdown, and gets your body back to building muscle and repairing the damage caused during your workouts. At Momentous, we know that whey has long been considered the best protein source, but whey doesn’t work for every athlete. Whether for dietary needs or personal preferences, many athletes prefer a vegan, plant-based option.

“We work closely with NFL, NBA and NHL teams and nutritionists who wanted to use plant proteins with their athletes,” says Momentous' founder Matthew Wan. “They kept asking us for a plant protein that was as high quality as our whey products, so we went out and built it.”

We’re developing a plant-based protein that meets all of Momentous’ high standards for taste and efficacy, and it’ll be available online soon.

Both our whey and plant proteins offer essential recovery benefits, and here’s a comparison of our whey and upcoming plant-based proteins.

Momentous Whey

"The superiority of Momentous is rooted in its ability to excel in three critical areas of protein powder supplementation: quality of raw ingredients, efficacious dosing of those nutrients, and a terrific stand-alone taste." — David Scholz, Director of Football Strength & Conditioning at Utah State University

Amino Acid Profile: A protein must contain nine essential amino acids to be considered “complete.” Whey protein is complete naturally, and our grass-fed whey isolate provides all nine essential amino acids.

Absorption Speed: Whey is the fastest available absorbing protein. Faster absorption = stronger recovery.

Bio-usability: All Momentous whey products include ProHydrolase, an enzyme blend that improves the bio-usability of whey protein. ProHydrolase maximizes the effects of Momentous by aiding digestion and the conversion of protein into a bio-usable form, improving your ability to build muscle and recover faster.

Sourcing & Ingredients: All of our Momentous whey products are sourced from grass-fed cows, non-GMO and free of gluten, soy, and wheat.

Certification: We insisted on the most rigorous certification to give you the highest level of confidence. Only if it is good enough for professional and Olympic athletes is it good enough for you. Momentous’ products are certified by independent agencies including NSF and Informed Sport, so athletes can be confident our products are safe and reliable.

Taste and Drinkability: Whether you choose to mix our whey products with water only or your liquid of choice, you’ll find all of our formulas mix without clumps, with smooth texture, and only the best taste.

Available in our Essential Protein, Strength Recovery, and Endurance Recovery formulas.

Momentous Plant

“Plant based proteins are growing in popularity, but the challenge is taste. The Momentous plant flavors are out of this world.” — Jordan Mazur, San Francisco 49ers Dietician

Dietary Preferences: Many athletes are motivated to follow a vegan diet for social, environmental or performance reasons. Our Momentous plant-based proteins allow you to recover with the best possible protein sources while staying committed to your dietary preferences.

Gut Tolerance: Many athletes find that they have sensitivities to milk or lactose. Plant protein is a great option to reduce inflammation, bloating, and improve performance while following a dairy-free diet.

Amino Acid Profile & Absorption Speed: Most plant based protein sources are missing some of the nine essential amino acids, so creating a complete amino acid profile in a plant protein is a key product development challenge. We chose the fastest absorbing plant protein sources available — pea and rice — that would also complete a full amino acid profile.

Sourcing & Ingredients: Vegan protein is used as a blanket term to describe any plant-based protein source. With so many plant protein source options, like pea, rice, hemp, pumpkin seed, and chia seed, we needed to be thoughtful and purposeful in our choice of protein sources. We combined the highest quality pea protein isolate extracted from a non-GMO natural yellow pea with the highest quality rice protein concentrate in precise ratios to create our AbsoluteZero plant formulas.

Certification: We wanted to create the same level of trust and confidence in our plant formula as we have in our grass-fed pure whey isolates. Independent, accredited testing by the NSF is especially crucial in a plant-based protein, where environmental toxins are a concern. Any heavy metals in the soil will be absorbed by the crops, so third-party testing is needed, not just for banned substances, but also for the presence of metals such as lead and arsenic found in many pea and rice proteins.

Taste: Making plant protein taste great is a huge challenge and consumers are hard pressed to find palatable plant protein today. We spent a full year prototyping a plant protein that would win on taste without sacrificing drinkability. We think you’ll find it the best-tasting plant protein on the market.
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The Lineup: Protein Perfection.

AbsoluteZero Whey

Whey Protein for All Day Use

Protein for Essential Use. Everything you need at anytime of day. German grass-fed and cold processed.

24 servings / $70


AbsoluteZero Plant

Plant Protein for All Day Use

The highest quality 100% plant protein source available, combining the perfect ratios of pea protein isolate with rice protein concentrate, and delivering unparalleled taste.

20 servings / $60



Recovery after Strength Workouts

Everything you need after a strength workout. The highest quality whey protein available, supercharged for optimal muscle tissue repair and synthesis.

14 servings / $55



Recovery after Endurance Workouts

Everything you need after an endurance workout. The highest quality whey protein available, adapted for optimal lean muscle repair and glycogen synthesis.

14 servings / $55