Jason Walsh Joins the Momentous Team

“Through coaching, I realized that I had the ability, and responsibility, to strengthen and heal people. It continues to be the driving force behind everything I do today. If you keep your ego at bay, apply knowledge to the best of your abilities, and do high-quality work, the results will speak for themselves.” 

So said trainer and founder of Rise Movement and Rise Nation, Jason Walsh, the latest addition to the Momentous team.

Early on, Jason’s commitment to self-improvement led him to be named the captain of both his high school football and baseball teams in Springfield, Missouri. Seeking to learn more about human performance, he enrolled in the nutrition program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Jason’s interest in physiology and kinesiology then drove him to pursue more of an emphasis on sports science. Soon afterward, he began an internship in UNC’s strength and conditioning program under legendary head-coach Greg Gatz. “That opportunity sparked my imagination, renewed my interest in training, and gave me new insights that reinvigorated my passion,” Jason said. “I realized that at the elite end of performance, it’s a scientific approach that helps separates the very best athletes.”

After graduating, Jason was hired full-time as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at UNC. But while this role offered a valuable learning experience in preparing team sports athletes to excel, his relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to a mentorship under strength coach Luke Richesson in Tempe, Arizona. “Luke focused on applying strength training and recovery to individual athletes, which took my understanding to a whole new level,” Jason said. “Luke was the perfect coach to help me fine tune my knowledge and application. This was the moment when it all really clicked for me.”

As he assessed the fitness landscape in various cities, Jason recognized an opportunity to apply the evidence-based approach he’d developed under Gatz, Richesson, and other elite coaches to the general public in Los Angeles. “When I got to LA, nobody was helping the 9 to 5er to improve themselves with what the science shows us,” Jason said. “So I decided to fill that gap to give them a better quality of life through strength, get them out of pain, and help them focus on longevity.”

Though it’d be easy to focus on outcomes, Jason’s success with a client is always predicated on a detailed and patient discovery process. “There are different variables involved for every single person who comes to me,” he said. “I have to put together a formula that takes these variables into account and then map out how he or she will get from point A to Z without missing steps in between.” To date, he still trains his clients out of his studio, Rise Movement, in West Hollywood, California.

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