Dolvett Quince: Fitness Entrepreneur and NBC's The Biggest Loser Trainer

America’s Trainer Stays Green to Grow and Stoops to Conquer.

The man we’re used to watching help contestants and millions of viewers change their bodies and lives on The Biggest Loser isn’t bouncing off the walls, but he’s still the most animated person in the room. As our crew sets up the cameras and microphones and makes some last minute adjustments to the lighting, it’s clear that here is someone who is confident in his ability, charming in his demeanor, and self-assured to the point that it’s putting all of us at ease, too, even though he’s the only one in the room with network TV experience.

While he has always possessed a potent personality, Dolvett’s  rise to fame was no overnight thing. Rather, his road to becoming a beloved TV trainer took year after year of hard work outside the limelight. After graduating from high school in Florida, Dolvett moved to Atlanta in 2004 and began his career in the fitness industry by opening a gym called Body Sculptor. Dolvett quickly developed a reputation as not only a coach, but also someone who treated everyone he met with care and respect. As a result, he built up a devoted client base. Yet it wasn’t until the host of a popular local radio station raved about Dolvett that his business started booming.

Our Momentous Founder Matt Wan sat down with Dolvett Quince in Beverly Hills for this in-depth discussion.

Soon enough, Dolvett had 14 trainers working for him and a manager to run Body Sculptor’s day to day operations. This enabled him to focus on coaching his growing client list, which soon included pro athletes like Baltimore Ravens tight end Daniel Wilcox and musicians such as Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber. Dolvett then caught the attention of uber-producer Mark Burnett, which led to a five-season stint as a trainer on The Biggest Loser. He then wrote a New York Times bestseller, The 3-1-2-1 Diet: Eat and Cheat Your Way to Weight Loss.

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Today, this Momentous Expert describes himself as a father and a “farmer.” Not in the literal sense, but rather as an entrepreneur planting seeds that will take time to grow. These new “crops” include a partnership with Under Armour, health and fitness startup investments, and several potential TV roles. Plus frequent guest appearances on shows like Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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Through all his highs and lows, Dolvett remains irrepressible, upbeat, and determined to be known as a gentleman first and a coach second. Check out the video above to hear more from the man himself.

There’s so much strength in vulnerability. You have to be okay with, ‘I'm not okay.’ You have to be okay with, ‘I'm not perfect.’ People trusted that first, and then they trusted the man and that what I was telling them to do would help them. You can’t provoke change without trust.

In these videos, you’ll hear Dolvett share insights on:


  • Going from “that other guy” standing next to Bob Harper and Anna Kournikova on The Biggest Loser to one of the most trusted names in fitness
  • The creative joy in putting colors on a blank canvas
  • What it means to be a mentor, and the significance of being mentored by others
  • His relentless work ethic


  • Building an authentic brand while separating yourself from your product
  • Why “Stay green to grow and stoop to conquer” is the best advice he has ever received
  • Ways to stay motivated even when everything seems to be going wrong
  • The five components of health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social


  • Why you should give yourself permission to put a little metaphorical sugar in your coffee
  • How knowing and loving yourself protects you against whatever hardship comes your way
  • The secrets of being a 15-year success (versus an overnight one)
  • What’s new and next as a father, trainer, and entrepreneur
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