Ingredients Matter: How We Created the World's Finest Whey Protein

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When Momentous' founder Matt Wan set out to create the world’s finest protein, he knew that doing so would involve taking a unique and painstaking approach to every stage of the process. He recruited some of the most respected trainers in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL and asked them to build the highest-grade, professional quality, performance protein supplement.

“Every single aspect of the product was specified by our performance experts,” Matt says. “They were incredibly specific. We told them we wanted to build something that put performance above all else — to the exclusion of all other considerations. From there we just let ‘em off the leash — no budget, no limits — you guys name it, and we’ll build it.”

The feedback from our Performance Engineers led to the precise formulation of our three Momentous products — AbsoluteZero, ArcFire and RedShift. Each product meets the training and recovery needs of the best athletes on the planet.

Once the team at Momentous had nailed down these requirements, the next step was finding the absolute highest quality ingredients from proven sources across the globe. Momentous focuses intently on each step of our meticulous and transparent process so that our formulas contain only what you need for optimum performance and adaptation.

Momentous ingredients map

Here’s a breakdown of  critical ingredients you’ll find in our protein supplements, and the reasons they set our products apart:

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate (the base for our formulas):

We searched high and low to source the finest and purest protein as the foundation for all three of our blends. Under EU law, the use of antibiotics and hormones is forbidden in livestock farming, making Germany the logical choice for our whey isolate. This search led us to a company in Leppersdorf, Germany, with a reputation for producing the highest quality cold-processed whey protein on the market. Our cows are only fed with grass, which increases the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and other key nutrients.

ProHydrolase™ (found in all three formulas):

Many whey protein isolates are hard to digest, leading to issues like bloating and indigestion and a low absorption of the amino acids themselves. To alleviate such issues, we’ve included a proprietary enzyme blend that make our products easy on your gut and help your body absorb protein.

Chart showing protein digestion rates with Momentous

Rice Maltodextrin (found in ArcFire and RedShift): 

To encourage recovery from endurance and strength training, you need high quality protein and the right amount of healthy carbs, With the help of our advisor David Scholz, who has worked in strength, conditioning and nutrition with NFL and NCAA football programs, we designed the protein-to-carbs ratios based on workout recovery goals — strength or endurance, using a rice maltodextrin that rapidly produces energy and is easily digested.

D-Ribose (found in ArcFire and RedShift):

Whether you’re running a 5K, lifting weights, or doing any other form of strength or endurance session, your muscular energy will become depleted. D-Ribose helps replenish this, and also promotes heart health and maintains metabolism.

Creatine Monohydrate (found in ArcFire):

One of the most heavily studied supplements, creatine has been shown to increase explosiveness, speed and power output. It also aids in muscle recovery, cognitive function, and preserving cellular health.

L-Glutamine (found in ArcFire):

One of the nine essential amino acids required by your body, L-glutamine is key for post-exercise muscle growth and repair. It also supports cellular detoxification and improves metabolism.

Potassium Citrate (found in ArcFire and RedShift):

To help your body replenish the electrolytes lost during intense exercise, we include both salt and potassium. The latter is crucial for heart health, helps govern hydration levels, and supports optimal nervous system function.

Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate (found in ArcFire and RedShift):

This boosts the level of another key micronutrient, magnesium, which becomes depleted when your body is under stress. Involved in over 300 bodily processes, magnesium helps regulate brain, nerve, and muscle functions, maintains bone strength, and plays a vital role in energy production.

Ascorbic Acid (found in RedShift):

Also known as vitamin C, this micronutrient helps boost the immune system, which can become depressed in endurance athletes with high training loads. It’s also a key antioxidant that helps repair cell damage and assists the absorption of iron.

To learn more about these and the other game-changing ingredients in our premium protein formulas, click here.

Author: Phil White

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