Momentous Athlete and Investor: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold rock climbing in Yosemite

Alex is one of the most groundbreaking climbers of this generation and is undoubtedly the world’s greatest free-solo climber. He believes so strongly in our product and team that he’s joining us as an athlete, investor and advisor.

"I’m excited to help the company grow and bring it into the climbing world. Climbing and mountaineering are becoming less of a counter-cultural lifestyle and more like high-performance sports,” Alex says. "Climbers are treating themselves like real athletes and putting more effort into their workouts and recoveries. I’ve tested and used the plant-based recovery products that Momentous is releasing later this year, and I’m really looking forward to them. ”

Free-soloing is climbing without a rope, where any fall most often means death. Alex has been astounding the world with bold free solo climbs for a decade, and he is best known for his June 2017 ascent of the Freerider route of El Capitan, a 3,000 vertical foot wall in Yosemite National Park.  

"We want to engineer products for the greatest performers in the world, and Alex is one of them,” says Momentous founder Matt Wan. "We believe that high performance is a way of life, and anyone who knows Alex, knows how well he encapsulates that core value of our brand."

As outdoor athletes increasingly push the limits of human performance, the world’s top climbers have evolved their training, diet and focus in order to elevate their game. Though famous for his climbing-bum mentality and living out of his van, Honnold is no exception.

Rock climber Alex Honnold in his van preparing Momentous whey protein

"Of all the adjustments I've tried in my nutrition, protein drinks have had the biggest effect on my recovery at the end of a workout,” Honnold says. "When I’m getting close to my limits or really trying my hardest, a dialed-in diet represents that extra something that I need."

Alex joins Jimmy Chin, his friend and frequent collaborator on climbing projects, on the Momentous team.  Most recently Jimmy and Alex collaborated on the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo. 

“People have realized that to push the edge of all these types of sports, you really have to take training seriously,” Jimmy says. “Diet, training, and every other aspect has to come together, because, frankly, to be at the top of your sport these days, you can’t just be talented."

"When I’m getting close to my limits or really trying my hardest, a dialed-in diet represents that extra something that I need."

Momentous is uniquely equipped to satisfy the needs of discerning adventure athletes. Our three products — Absolute Zero (Essential), ArcFire (Strength) and RedShift (Endurance) — are tailored to meet the recovery and performance needs of athletes, with the highest quality, grass-fed and cold-processed whey protein isolate on the market.

"I like the attention to detail behind Momentous,” Alex says. “The ingredients are well sourced and relatively simple, so that I actually understand what I’m drinking. And it tastes great, which I consider a big plus. It’s a pleasure to drink.”

We consider it a big plus and a pleasure to have Alex join the Momentous family, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Look for details coming soon on our Honnold-approved, 100% plant-based, non-GMO protein.

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