Momentous Whey in Five Reasons

Ranked the #1 Whey Protein on the Market by Men’s Journal. Here’s Why.

1. Our source: Grass-fed, Cold-processed, Whey Protein Isolate:

Our grass-fed whey protein isolate is collected from dairy cows whose milk is cold processed to concentrate native whey proteins in their purest possible form. We add it to our post-workout products for its ability to rapidly absorb and maintain a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids.

We chose to source our protein from the EU because their farming laws ensure that our cows never see any antibiotics, hormones, or GMO food sources. We were so precise in our sourcing that we can pinpoint the exact farm our cows come from.

2. Superior absorption via clinically proven enzyme blends

After a hard workout, your body is primed to absorb essential nutrients to jumpstart the recovery and repair process — however the window to maximize absorption is a limited one. ProHydrolase™ is an enzyme blend we’ve included in Momentous formulas to maximize the effects of our protein. It aids digestion and the conversion of protein into a bio-usable form, improving your ability to build muscle and recover faster.

We use ProHydrolase™ in our products at its full dose (10 mg per gram of protein) as recommended by our partner, Deerland Enzymes. Compared to other competing enzyme blends on the market, this dosage results in less bloating, indigestion, wasted protein and measurably more amino acids in the bloodstream after using our protein.

3.NSF Certified for Sport

Dietary supplements, including protein powders, do not require FDA approval for their marketing claims. This means that Supplement labels do not tell the whole story to consumers about a product’s contents or quality. That’s why we are committed to certification from the most rigorous independent agencies like the NSF and Informed-Sport.

Professional and Olympic athletes demand the absolute best when it comes to their nutrition and recovery. So should you. NSF for Sport is in official partnerships with anti-doping certification programs for the MLB, MLB Players Association, NFL, NFL Players Association, PGA, LPGA and other sports agencies.

4. “The flavor is unrivaled.”

A direct quote from Men’s Journal. We prioritize our ingredients, formulas, and ratios, but we didn’t forget about taste. A recovery drink you’re not excited to take after a hard workout will never be something you consistently keep in your routine. We have thousands of happy customers who rave about our taste. We challenge you to taste test our flavors next to your current protein powder of choice.

There’s so much strength in vulnerability. You have to be okay with, ‘I'm not okay.’ You have to be okay with, ‘I'm not perfect.’ People trusted that first, and then they trusted the man and that what I was telling them to do would help them. You can’t provoke change without trust.

5. We’re trusted and used by Professional Teams from all four major leagues.

To design our formulas, we assembled a group of elite dieticians and trainers from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. We asked them, “If you could create a perfect product for your athletes, what would be in it?” Then we went out and built it.

The over 40 professional and collegiate teams who currently buy Momentous products simply want the best for their athletes. Our protein products are purchased by teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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