Our Team


You might find a professional athlete on the bottle of another product, but behind closed doors, these are the guys that tell those athletes what they should actually be taking. This is not an endorsement of someone else’s product: our team specified every ingredient, source, and amount as if they were building a product for their own players. They named it. We built it.



Mark Uyeyama

Director of Human Performance - San Francisco 49ers

Mark Uyeyama (ooh-ee-YAH-muh) is in his ninth season with the 49ers. “Uye,” as he’s known to the team, is responsible for all aspects of human performance for the entire team, including physiotherapeutic intervention, analytical data monitoring, physical preparation, and of course nutrition. He also works alongside the coaching and medical staffs to oversee player development, assist in rehabilitation of injured players, and design and implement annual training plans for every player. This is obviously a big job, so Mark manages a staff of four coaches and analysts devoted exclusively to these responsibilities. Mark is one of the most respected names in his field and was named NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year in 2011 for his efforts.

Mark played football at Butte Community College in Oroville, CA and Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. He also earned a master’s degree from ASU in 2003 and has two children, a son, Tate, and daughter, Ever.

Apart from family time, Mark takes the lifestyle football coach very seriously, spending his free time lifting weights, throwing headsets, and not smiling.



Bryan Doo

Head Strength and Conditioning coach - Boston Celtics

Bryan is now in his 14th season as the Celtics Head Strength coach. Bryan was the 2016 NBA Strength Coach of the Year and has consulted and trained various NHL, EPL, and Olympic athletes. He previously served as the Wellness Director at Harvard Business School and a coach at Harvard University. He is a frequent speaker regarding sports & athletic development, injury prevention and team training at local and national conferences. He also is a regular lecturer at Brown University as part of the Exercise Physiology/ Biomechanics course. Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science as well as a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

Bryan lives outside of Boston with his wife Brianna and daughters Mikayla Jade and Kailani Grace. In his free time, Bryan enjoys staying in ridiculously good shape, making pregame handshake routines, and flicking players’ ears on the bench.



Dave Scholz

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - Utah State

Dave came to Utah State after spending the 2012 season in the NFL as a nutrition and conditioning specialist with the San Francisco 49ers. Dave was responsible for strength programming for the quarterbacks and kickers, as well as all the nutritional aspects of the team; specifically, meal planning and supplementation. He earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise fitness from Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004, and went on to earn his master’s degree from Utah State in health, physical education and recreation in 2008. Dave has also earned his CSCS Certification from the NSCA, Precision Nutrition Certification, ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification, BioSignature Modulation and PICP Levels I & II Certification. In summary, Dave is the ultimate nutrition nerd, and we call it a good day when we eat half as healthy as he does.

Dave’s relationship with Project One began many years ago when he graciously devoted his free time to traumatizing our founder Matt, just a small child at the time, with communist health foods such as quinoa and kale. Dave once described Matt in the weight room as “Bambi on ice.” Hard to say what he meant by that, but let’s assume it was a compliment.

Don’t google that.