Momentous Elite: Jimmy Chin
Life is too short not to use the best.

Fit for Anything: How Jimmy Chin Stays Ready for Any Assignment

How does Jimmy Chin approach his training? Short answer — as efficiently as possible. The globe-trotting adventure photographer, filmmaker, and climber bounces constantly between homes in Jackson Hole and New York City, and wherever his assignments take him.

A packed travel schedule means that Jimmy has to squeeze maximum value from every minute of training he can find, and skipping an opportunity to go hard on the mountain or in the gym due to low energy and sore muscles isn’t an option.  

Here’s a look at how Jimmy balances his busy schedule and a job that requires him to be prepared for the most difficult physical efforts at a moment’s notice.   

“Given the compressed timeframe I live in these days, I’m really motivated to train now that I don’t have as much time in the mountains.”
“I’ve always said that it’s not about getting into shape, it’s about not getting out of shape.”
“The reason I like using Momentous is because the formula is based on the perfect ratio for absorption and maximum benefit for recovery.”
“There’s a really critical window right after a heavy workout where you really want to refuel your body.”
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Jimmy's Favorite Recovery

No smoothie recipe for Jimmy: Just a scoop of Momentous in some hot water to warm up after a day above treeline and below freezing.